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Here's what people say about Enjoy Biscotti:

"Mary, thank you again for taking care of us! The holiday bundles were extremely well received! Our customers continue to thank us by email and in person. It is great to have such a high quality, local and Colorado proud company producing wonderfully delectable treats to send to our business customers across the US." Chad at The Duck Company

"My friend in Colorado sent me some biscotti and granola in a care package. WOW, are they TERRIFIC. The biscotti I've tried before could have cracked a tooth, but not yours--they're perfectly crunchy and the flavor combinations are perfect. Your granola has brightened my mornings, too, and I love the wholesome ingredients. Brava, Enjoy Biscotti!" Susan in Arlington, VA

"I am so happy to have a perfectly sized treat waiting for me, especially when doused in chocolate. As a college student, your gourmet treats are a wonderful addition to any care package :) And the granola ROCKS!" Elena in Durham, NC

"Thanks for the granola and biscotti, my girlfriend loved them. I dropped them off at home during lunch and when I got home later that night she had already eaten an entire bag of the granola." Terry in Omaha, NE

"Thank you - it was the best biscotti I've had. I'm a coffee drinker and a bit of a snob about it and have been known to enjoy a good bit of biscotti from time to time (regularly?)." Peter in Golden, Colorado

"I loved your biscottis, loved them!!!!!!! They were so darn good. I am going on a scrapbook weekend and would like to bring some because I know the ladies would enjoy." JoJo in Arvada, Colorado

"Your biscotti are absolutely fantastic and have been the treats that have fueled me through finals. Its amazing how much easier getting through a chapter of chemistry is when I know I have one of your biscotti waiting as a reward for finishing. Thanks for keeping my tummy happy and my g.p.a up!" Natalie in Chicago, IL

"I am craving more of your Enjoy Biscotti! As you commonly hear, I had never been a biscotti fan and most granolas were way too sweet, really not healthy at all, or just didn't have good flavor....But you now have me hooked! And it's healthy too!" Sheri, RN & Certified Diabetes Educator in Hastings, NE

"I’ve had the BEST week of work in a LONG time because I was very selfish and DID NOT share the bag of biscotti I purchased from you. Every morning this week, I’ve tucked one in my purse walking out the door from home and started my day with a hot cup of coffee and an awesome treat for ME!!!!! I didn’t pick which kind or even look at the flavor but tried it first then checked out the label on the back…… Every one I’ve had has been absolutely fantastic!" Michelle in Wichita, KS

"Love your follow up and great customer service! Jenna received the biscotti and squealed with delight (as did her roommate). She LOVED it!! Thank you so very much. She also mentioned the lovely wrapping ....so perfect for perfect biscotti." Jeanne in Boca Raton, Florida

"Hi Mary, Happy to tell you....it is one of those right time, right place stories! I found out about Enjoy Biscotti Company when I was in Colorado last year on a ski trip with my family. We were one of the many that were caught in the January snowstorm that shut down the interstate on our way to Beaver Creek. We stayed at a Marriott that had a Starbucks inside. On our way out, I quickly stopped into the Starbucks to get an oatmeal. The girl who worked there proceeded to tell me that their oatmeal was local and it wasn't the typical Starbucks brand that I might be used to. I was a little hesitant (I am pretty picky) but she really talked it up and told me that I would love it. And, I did. Once I got home to Dallas, I looked up the company website. Now, I order a few times a year to satisfy my craving. My staff goes crazy when I eat it in front of them during our morning meetings. Norine in Texas

This was the best biscotti I've ever tasted. It was as good, if not better, than my Italian grandmother's.
Jean in Boyton Beach, Florida
I just wanted to ask you -- I heard from my son who lives in Colorado that your gluten free cake sold at Amante in Denver is amazing!  I am wondering where in the New York area can I get it?  Thanks!  Julie 

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