Enjoy Biscotti Company is the creator of delicious gourmet handmade baked items. Our biscotti are elegantly made with liqueurs such as Galiano, Frangelico, Limoncello and Amaretto and then paired with top shelf toasted nuts, fruits and chocolates and drizzled with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white. Our Granola and On the Go Oatmeal products are made with Organic Oats sourced from our midwest and Colorado-produced raw, chemical-free honey.

We take pride in each and every piece that goes out the door, skillfully wrapping gift items that will delight the senses and taste buds of your friends and family. Colorado residents can find EBC in coffee shops, hospitals and ski resorts across Colorado's front range and Summit County.

Enjoy Biscotti Company is proud to be a woman-owned and family-operated business in the Denver, Colorado area. We are so privileged to have hired ladies to help in the kitchen who are all professional women with backgrounds in marketing, banking, engineering and teaching who've all chosen to be 'stay at home' moms dedicated to their families. Enjoy Biscotti Company is more than a bakery, it is a blessing that spreads joy to those who receive the gifts, those who pick up an oatmeal on the go, or a barista sharing a delicious biscotti with a customer and a haven for friends who come together for some conversation and packaging time.


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